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Rise of the machines

Teenage hackers from @@RANDOMNAME@@ community college claim to create the Artifical Intelligence.  They created a 200 line Perl script that chatted for half a year in college chat rooms and nobody ever suspected that it is not a human.  Now they're trying to officially enroll this script as the college student.
Controvercy springs around the nation, whether we should allow non-human intelligent (or seemingly intelligent) beings full or partial benefits of the citzenship.  Should AI have right to vote, right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness?

[option] "All right" - says dean of AI department in @@NAME@@ national university - "If this program passes a properly set Turing test, I will be first to vote for citizenship for it.  Also we can require all beings, human or not, to pass a Turing test before giving them the citizenship.  Thus we also can rule out mentally retarded humans who are unfit to vote."
[effect]  All teenagers reaching 18 must pass the test that includes regognising digits and letters in noisy pictures to prove that they are intelligent beings.
[stats] political freedom slightly decreases

[option] "This is nonsence" - says human right activist @@RANDOMNAME@@ - "human rights were given by God to humans, not to intelligent beings of unknown origin.  Only living creatures carrying Homo Sapiens DNA are entitled to human and citizen rights"
[effect] Transgenic laboratory mices require citizenship and full welfare protection.

[option] "This is nonsence" - says religious right activist @@RANDOMNAME@@ - "Human DNA is also present in tissue samples that are living in some sence.  Only the creature that was born by woman can be considered human"
[effect] Children that were delivered in cesarean section must prove in court that they are humans.
[stats] religious influence increases, political freedom slightly decreases
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